Dr. Spyros Theodorakis Surgical Oncology

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precision_surgical-21_linkedinDr. Theodorakis graduated from University of Athens where he completed 3 years of General Surgery training. He came to USA in 1976 and did one year of internship at Milwaukee County.
He continued his residency at Mount Sinai/Rush program and graduated in 1982. Dr. Theodorakis completed two years of Surgical Oncology at University of Tulane and continued to complete second fellowship in Head and Neck Oncology at Roswell Park. Following completion
of his training, he returned to Chicago where he joined the General Surgery Program at Mount Sinai as chief of surgical oncology. He participated in NSABP clinical trials as a primary investigator and established a Surgical Oncology Clinic. In 1985, Dr. Theodorakis became part of the Cook County Health system as a General and Oncological surgeon. He joined the faculty at Rush University and become active in the training of surgical resident and Medical students in 1988. He founded ST surgical consultants in 1985, a successful general surgery and surgical oncology that is currently operational. Dr. Theodorakis obtained an Associate degree in Medical
Economics from John Hopkins University and also Joined the Academy of Political Sciences in 1998. In 2001, he joined the Medical Staff of Weiss Medical Center, where he served as Chief of Surgery from 2003 to end of 2009. Dr. Theodorakis established, in cooperation with University of Chicago and later with University of Illinois, a training program for Surgical residents and medical
students that is currently very successful. Dr Theodorakis is a member of a number of Surgical Organizations and regularly provides a number of lectures to residents, students as well as
medical staff.